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The Librarian's Kitchen : 5 -10 Minutes Easy Recipes

Pinoy ver. Tom Yum : 
(Instant Seafood Cup Noodles) 
Good for 6


Ginger/Lemon Grass,  
Fish Sauce,
Red Chilis,  
Ajinomoto seasoning (Monosodium glutamate),  

Crabs (small amount)
Shrimps (small amount) 
Ground Chicken (small amount) 

Salted Noodles (Wheat Noodles)

Basic Cooking Technique: (Low, Medium to High Heat)

1. Saute : Onion before Garlic.
2. Simmer with Fish Sauce and add another 1 tablespoon of oil : Put the Ground Chicken first, then the Crabs (Cut into half),  lastly the Shrimps) without adding water. 3-5 mins.
3. Add water,  Boil for 5 minutes High Heat
4. Season with Salt,Pepper, Fish Sauce, Red Chilis, Monosodium glutamate / Chicken or Seafood Stock (Optional) Lastly,  add 1 tablespoon brown sugar.

Serve while it's Hot!

Calamari /Fried Squid

Chicken Afritada

Paksiw na Isda 

Masarap ba talaga ang drinks ng Happy Cup by Gonzagas' Sister?

I love how this vlogger made an honest review of the drinks he bought @ Happy Cup along Mother Ignacia Ave. 


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