Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Filipino Public Librarians In Action! @YourService : Free Education and Entertainment In the Poorest Communities of Manila

They are library workers from the National Library of the Philippines 
and they call themselves Public Librarians in Action.

The National Library of the Philippines built this project few years from now.
The outreach program "Brigada Aklatan" , a reading brigade project which aims to bring part of the library collections to selected poor communities around Manila and provide free LEARNING AND ENTERTAINMENT such as storytelling, coloring activities, read-a-loud - while also teaching them good morals at the same time. 

Ms. Melanie Ramirez is currently working in the Children's Section of National Library of the Philippines and she is quite famous in the field of Philippine Librarianship as an amazing storyteller. 

She conducted so many free seminars and forums with regards to storytelling, conducting library out-reach programs and
 public speaking .

"Free Learning and Entertainment for Everyone"

"These kids felt really excited to check all the books and toys brought by Public Librarians in Action on Wheels during that day"

-Public Librarians in Action

Ms. Ramirez admits, "It's not easy to be roving with all these story books, tables, chairs because of the dust and trash along the streets of Manila. In fact the weather can be extremely sunny or rainy

"But it's even harder to watch these kids joyfully expecting us and abandon them. They come to see us!"

"As Librarians, we do our very best to be with them in just a short period of time, they expect us to read with them  wonderful stories, 

We dance and sing along while showing our biggest smiles."

"We always tell them that it's free to hope and dream big for their future. 

Someday, you will not be poor and you can help others too."

"The laughter and joy we see on their faces is the best payment we receive from them"

The Reading Brigade Project was inspired by the remarkable story of Efren Penaflorida ,"2009 CNN Hero of the Year".  From a very poor family , it never stops him to educate himself and finished school. After that, he helped to educate many poor communities around Manila with his push cart library. 

"Selling Free Education on Streets: Things Money Can’t Buy That Sells More Than Once It Meets the Eye" 

Mga Kuhang Larawan na Galing sa Social Media, ito ang link:  https://www.facebook.com/melanie.a.ramirez.7

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