Friday, July 9, 2021

Bakit Frontrow Pa Rin Malakas! A Must Try Filipino Beauty and Wellness Products


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For some of you may do not know, I've been reviewing Frontrow products for more than 3 months and I've been seeing great results and improvements such as less acne black spots , appearance of new pimples and most specially that glowing effect that changes my views and judgement to my skin. Effective? Yes! for me it is and definitely worth the price of each items.

(Ofcourse, this is not only my observation but alot of my friends also notice the glow on my face and it's all thanks to my patience and dedication of focusing only on these products.

 I've been using Luxxewhite Glutathione 2capsules a day together with  Luxxe Protect 2 capsules (take note: they serve as my regular vitamins intake so It can prevent me from getting sick. 

Check out their products:

Frontrow delivers Nationwide! Membership saves you upto 50% of each items.  I will be uploading more Frontrow stories and journey here on my blog. 

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