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Benefits of Joining the Philippine Librarians Association Inc.

The Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (formerly known as the Philippine Library Association) is the only nationally accredited professional organization of librarians in the Philippines to date. At present, it serves as the umbrella organization for all library groups in the country.
Individual Benefits
Aside from following the provision of the law governing the profession of librarianship (RA 9246, Article IV, Sec. 30), a member gets the following benefits which he/she does not get from joining other library associations:
For Individual Members
  • get the prestige of belonging to a national accredited professional organization;
  • have something to show accrediting agencies and/or government agencies (i.e., CHED, PRC) that are inspecting libraries;
  • get an official certification when attending international conferences (especially when asking for a grant or discounted registration fee);
  • pay reduced registration rate to PLAI-sponsored continuing professional development activities;
  • get a copy of PLAI online newsletter;
  • get discounts from several bookstores/book dealers;
  • linkages and networks (both local and international);
  • possibility of being considered for prestigious awards (e.g., Severino Velasco Award)

Registration Fee: 300 per Annual

NBS Opens A College Program That Provides More Than 20 Opportunities - Just In Quezon City!

Bachelor of Library and Information Science offers many job opportunities and at the top of that , graduates of this program have been showing remarkable performance throughout their chosen workplace.

Listed below are Full Time jobs that you might be interested to apply after finishing the program:

Library Management Jobs
Library Staff
Library Section Head
Library  Floor Supervisor
Chief Librarian

Library Director

-Do not/Do requires PRC Licensure Exam for Librarians
Welcomes beginner to average experience 

Customer Service Jobs

Contact Center/BPOs
Business Agent/Provider

-Good/High Level Communication Skills
with Pleasing Personality is a plus.


Library and Information Science Instructor
Primary/Secondary Education Teacher

-Highly motivated to Teach 
-Do requires PRC Licensure Exam for Librarians/LET
-minimum to average to expert experience  


Museum Archives
School Records and Archives
Private Company/Organization Record Keeper

-Talent in restoration and records-keeping
-Do not/Do requires PRC Licensure for Librarians/LET
-minimum to average to expert experience  

Private Companies 

Information Resource Specialist
Records Management Staff
Program and Events Specialist

-with good work ethics and hardworking
-Do NOT/ Do requires PRC Licensure for Librarians/LET
-minimum experience  

Government Employee 

Presidential Records Management
Departmental Librarian

Freelance Writer/Virtual Assistant
Research Assistant


-Do NOT/Do requires PRC Licensure for Librarians
LET/Civil Service
- Average to Expert experience  

Enroll in our Bachelor of Library and Information Science program and enjoy a tuition fee of just P14,500!

Terms and conditions apply. To learn more, send us a message or call 376 50 90 today. #NBSCollege

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Republic Act No. 6966 entitled “An Act Regulating the Practice of Librarianship and Prescribing the Qualifications of Librarians. Otherwise known as “The Philippine Librarianship Act.”

Section 18 of Republic Act No. 6966,
which is referred to as the grandfather clause, grants registration to applicants provided they meet the requirements specified in the law. It means that a provision in a new law or regulation exempts those already in or are part of the existing system which is being regulated. The law states that upon application and payment of the required fees, certification of registration as librarian shall be issued without the necessity of licensure examination to qualified applicants, who on the date of the approval of the act, are either of the following : a) librarian and supervising librarian eligibles and are holders of a bachelor’s degree ; b) first grade eligibles or their equivalent and are holders of a Bachelor’s Degree with at least eighteen (18) units in Library Science and at least five (5) years experience in librarianship, and c) first grade eligibles, or their equivalent, and are holders of a Master’s Degree in Library and/ or Information Science. The law further provided that this exception is not automatic. One must apply and they are given three (3) years from the organization of the Board for Librarians (BFL) within which to register and be included in the roster of professionals. Since the BFL was organized on November 8, 1991, three years thereafter is November 8, 1994, which was the period when application for exemption has lapsed or 6 expired. However, Res. No. 7, s. 1999 extended the period of application to allow registration of librarians under this section of the law. Many librarians availed of this provision and extension and to date there are approximately 1,586 librarians who were licensed without having to take the licensure examination. Under the present PRC administration, however, applications under this grandfather clause are no longer entertained, the reason being that all professionals should take examination in order to be licensed to add integrity and quality in the admission to the practice of any profession. In the library profession, the librarians in the private sector consider this section of the law as a controversial provision because it has adversely affected them. They claim that the law favors more the librarians in the government service because of the provision, which states that only applicants with first-grade civil service eligibility can apply for registration without examination. Most librarians in the private sector do not possess eligibility requirement, which is a necessary requirement for government employees. This is, therefore, seen by some as a sort of class legislation, which necessarily calls for either amendment or repeal.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Looking for a Cheap and Instagram Worthy Resort near Manila (2-3 hours Travel) #Bataan #Beach #Travel

Summer is Not Over Yet!

Guys highly recommended ko tong Resort na to sa Bataan, Sure ako sobrang magugustuhan ng Pamilya niyo ang pag-stay dito! 

Verde Azul - Morong Bataan , Tara na!
Malinis ang Resort , Promise!!! Pagdating sa Lobby hanggang sa Beach!
Maitim yung sand, pero maputi yung tubig! Kita mo yung sand at malinis.
Maganda yung Security, Feel safe ang Pamilya niyo!
✔ Madaming Water Activities at safe para sa mga bata.
✔ Mabait ang mga Staff! 
Enjoy the Sunset, Guys!!!

Image may contain: sky, cloud, ocean, outdoor, nature and water

Guys ito pa, Sobrang sarap ng Food nila!  Sobra as in! 
Ako sobrang picky ako sa food na kinakain ko, ayoko ng mamantika, ayoko ng mataba at sobra yung lasa. Guys pagnatkman niyo yung pinakbet, tinola, karekare, atb . Masarap!!!!

Try niyo rin bumili ng buko ice cream kay Manong na naglalako ng ice cream!

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, pool and outdoor

Speaking of Rates:

7,500-9,000 Php . overnight good for 5 pax!
1,500 - 2,000 meal for 5 pax!

Image may contain: sky, tree, ocean, outdoor and nature

(c) Verze Azul Facebook Page

Visit their website:

Waze Waze din!!!
Address :
Nagpajo Crossing, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan 2108
Phone :
0942 0589 613
Email :
Country :
Check-In :
1:00 pm
Check-Out :
11:00 pm

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Keep Reminding Yourself What You Always Dreamed To Be When You Were A Kid

Do you still remember what you always wanted to be when you were a child? Did it come true? or It didn't, yet?

That's the question I always ask randomly to the people I just met and I think it's cute that everyone seems to enjoy answering about.

Almost every kid had something in mind what they wanted to be when they grow up. I remember most of them wanted to be a doctor, a teacher, a nurse or an engineer but neither of them nor even me imagine to be a Librarian when I grew up.But I secretly loved and dreamed to be a performer on stage. I maybe don't have the confidence to tell it to everyone but my mom always knew dancing is something that excites me until now. She's the first person who believes in me and encourages me to join dance group organizations in my Schools. In grade school, I performed mostly cultural dances and aerobics. I wasn't able to fully enjoy dancing in Middle School but before I graduated that was my refresher, I performed at the very last part of High School till I dance my way to College and this time, I got interested to gymnastics.

Life is like a dance and there are times you get off on the wrong foot. I got too busy with my studies and a lot of things, so I choose to quit my passion for a while. Then finally set my foot to corporate world. I got six companies in 2 years. Not until my current employer approached me if I teach gymnastics for young kids.

I thought of never coming back to dancing.
But remember this, If you love something and start praying for these things, you may start your step seeking for it and it will find you. Of course I got afraid it won't come, and it will never find me.

I want to keep it short and simple for this one. How do I able to get back and dance?

I didn't stop praying....

Until time brings you back to it.
Praise God!

Until you met people who encourage and believe in you more than yourself, I think that's the time things gets easier and happier. - Me/You

Monday, June 3, 2019

Dear Parents, It's a good thing to check the School Library before enrolling your Child!

Dear Parents ,

Have you ever wonder why child's Tuition fee is fairly high?
Have you even try checking the listed items under the miscellaneous fees?
Have you check the School facilities and interview some of the staff working there?

Do you guarantee your child safety inside the School premise?


Although academic institutions have different areas where they're good at, But quite things for sure does matter in selecting the best School for your child ... such as the Library (Learning Spaces, Information Commons or Resource Centers, etc.) In fact, more than 5-10 percent of the student's tuition fee goes directly to this kind of department. Basically, Libraries are one of the major areas where Schools place so much budget on every semester or yearly. 

Why does it matter to check the Institution's Library?

Well to begin with, you don't want to give-away your money as if it was for a charity.
Schools falls under a business-oriented organization category , which makes Parents as their number one stakeholders. Though it doesn't mean , parents are expecting cash in return for investment (ROI) but rather the best way these Academic Institutions give back to those who trusted them is to provide quality Education for their children : Services, Safety, Solutions and Security (4S)

A library is a place where knowledge is being kept for safety. Reading materials such as references, history, circulations, journals and electronic materials are only some tools that your child can easily access information. Not just it, it is a place where your child gets to experience independent searching of information or what we call "Information Literacy". Libraries are part of your child's growth, for example they keep track of the books they have read and provide them level of reading materials as they progress. Libraries help them to navigate and search for the right information they need.

Nowadays, many academic institutions are investing for quality educational databases where students can ensure safe searching.

Parents may please check these 3 important areas of an effective Library :

1. Collections / must be updated / must be age-appropriate / must adhere to the School's vision and mission/ must increase child's moral values / must be diverse / must be easily-accessible

2. Learning Space / spacious / well lit / comfortable and safe furniture / air-conditioned / with access to internet / fire-exits /

3. Support  / trained librarians / holds library activities / Teachers guidance / extended service for research /


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