Saturday, September 8, 2018

Good News : Increasing Demand for Librarians in the Philippines

Who said that Librarians do nothing?

According to the  Dept.of Education, Standard for Philippine Libraries, signed last April 2010 stated that for every 500 students enrolled an equivalent of 1 licensed Librarian and 1 library support staff should be managing the Library.

Well in that case, organizations who are not following this policy should be actually ashamed and members of Philippine Librarians Association Inc. should be making a stand to strictly follow this standard set by the Government.

It's 2018 y'all and still most of the Schools are not yet fully giving importance to the power of having a Librarian as part of the workforce. Aside from assisting Teachers during library period, listed below are the benefits of hiring more than 1 a librarian in the School: 

Librarians can ...
  • Manage proper Book acquisition's Budgeting 
  • Specialized Library Activities 
  • Support Outreach 
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Provide Advanced Library Orientation 
  • Support for School Activities and Projects
  • Substitute Administrators
  • Basic Research Assistant
  • Liaising with departmental academic staff, external organisations and suppliers
  • IT support
  • Resource Speaker for Information Literacy topics
Private companies and Government organizations  prefer to hire Library and Information Science graduates  to work in back offices as document controller, information resource specialist, secretary, research assistant and even in monitoring statistical reports. Librarians can be very convenient in Office Works and  Customer Service jobs.

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