Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Millennial Librarian of the Day : Let's meet the Chinito Cutie Librarian of Bulacan

Last year 2017, Librarian Secret Files released some profiles of Hottest and Most Beautiful Faces Filipino Librarians yet the search is still on for Librarians with Stories to tell.
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This 2018, Let's get to meet profiles of unique and incredible young individuals and their stories of  being a Librarian in the 21st Century. 

Disclaimer: We contact them thru their social media accounts, congratulated them from being nominated and invited them to answer some questions to complete their profile.

Mark Gonzales,
Librarian at China Bank Corp.

We would like to ask your permission to use maximum 2-3 of your Most Instagrammable photos uploaded on your social accounts;

 Mark : Sure, I’m giving my full consent for this particular matter. 

Q AND A (PART): Please provide your answers to the following questions.

a. Tell us something unique about yourself?

 Mark :  I think being color blind is unique. 😄

b. Your Librarian Journey:  Why did you choose to become a Librarian?
What makes you happy about this Profession?

Mark :  It's my family’s choice. My former professors and classmates can attest to that. 
I love challenges! being in this profession is indeed one big challenge.

It makes me feel happy every time I am able to change the perception and give a new impression to librarians from other people. I feel fulfilled every time it happens. 

I chose to pursue Librarianship especially after I passed the Librarian Licensure Examinations last 2017 because I have this inner goal in my head to change the narratives about Librarians and of course to help spread information literacy. 😊

c. What makes you feel sexy? (Attitude, Hobbies, Sports, etc...)

 Mark : I feel sexy whenever I’m in corporate attire. I’m sort of a clown to my friends and I love making people laugh at my punchlines and I think that it is my sexiest attitude.

Let's get to know more stories of other young Millennial Librarian on the next day.
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