Sunday, August 19, 2018

Impossible to Possible : The Library That Has No Rules and No Boundaries

"Books can change the World and It starts at Mang Nanie's Home."

Hernando Guanlao or "Mang (which means elder) Nanie" is a Filipino senior-citizen and currently lives in a two-story apartment with his family from the big City of Makati in the Philippines. Mang Nanie is a 66-years old gentleman who made his home an instant attraction in the City. 

He converted their small front yard to a place where you can borrow a book, feel free to read anything, explore with no boundaries, where no one will have to yell to keep you silent or even try to scold you for eating and drinking at the same time  and for more than 15 years, Mang Nanie and his library gives hope to the people , especially to the young unfortunate children that there are still plenty of splendid things in this world which you can call Free.

His actions made him viral in the social media when someone posted a picture of his good deeds in the internet which caught everyone's attention, make him an inspiration, and join him to his cause. 

Mang Nanie got an interview with World Remit organization.

The No Rules , Free Reading Library

My home, My books are free to everybody, 
Talk to me, see me, enjoy my place. This is my Mission,
and I don't have to charge them for reading my books.
- Mang Nanie Guanlao

This is a big signage in-front of Mang Nanie's House

Mang Nanie coined the word "Librery" (Library)
Libre (means FREE in Filipino/Tagalog) 
He said, Education is a right, a privilege and must/should be Free 
to enjoy by all Filipinos.

Free Books, Free Education

The news reaches the heart of a Filipino-librarian from Australia who also sent an email to the World Remit organization to help Mang Nanie in getting book donations for these young children and indigenous people of the Philippines which are the Aetas. 

Trisha M. Pan is one of the young children in the Tribes who received the book donations. Everyone in the tribe wishes that this project continuous so they can finish their education or they can be proud of accomplishing something because of this project.

A cookie in-exchange of books . 

Ysabelle Irabon , a grade six student who wish to be someone like Mang Nanie  in helping others by asking for book donations. She was totally amazed by the cause to help the less fortunate children in the Philippines with educational books. She started collecting from her own library, ask help from her friends who are willing to donate used and new books and other people from the community who also wish to bring happiness to Mang Nanie's Library. It really sounds interesting that Ysabelle gives a cookie for anyone who donated their books to her. 

Ysabelle is only one of the many people who was inspired by the good values showed by Mang Nanie. 

"Something so small can start a really big thing and Everybody would be willing to Help"
- Ysabelle Irabon

Giving without asking anything in return, just simply to make them happy. 
- Mang Nanie

You can check these videos for reference: 

World Remit Organization
ABS-CBN - Bandila

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