Sunday, March 18, 2018

5 Acknowledge Filipino Librarians with a Selfie Moment

The article features famous Filipino Librarians with Outstanding contribution to the Program , more especially to the Career Development and Continuous Learning Education of Registered Librarians in the Philippines  

"Selfie muna bago magsalita ulit sa Seminar"

- her numerous invitations as guest speaker made her name prominent to the field of Library and Information Science. The convictions of her speech and attitude towards career development were surely splendid

Lourdes T. David 
Current Member / Former PRB Chairman for Librarians
Former Director of the Rizal Library, Ateneo de Manila University. Prior to her transfer to the Ateneo, she was connected with the University of the Philippines

read more about her: 


"Selfie muna bago lapitan ng mga  chicks sa Library"

Johnny "John Llyod" Buenrostro, 
Baliuag University Former Chief Librarian
-Aside from being smart, charming and with a good sense of humor, 
 He don't just teach, he produce outstanding professionals
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            "Selfie muna bago magpagawa                         nanaman mamahaling building sa Ateneo"

Von Totanes
Director of the Ateneo de Manila University Library

Last January 19, Von Totanes, Director of the Ateneo de Manila University Library, filed a complaint before the Ombudsman regarding the appointment of a non-librarian as director of the National Library of the Philippines (NLP). The Philippine Librarianship Act of 2003 states that “only qualified and licensed librarians shall be employed as librarians in all government libraries." Despite the law, President Rodrigo Duterte appointed Cesar Gilbert Adriano to the highest post in the National Library on March 17, 2017. - Esquire

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Get to know him more from his famous blog :

"Selfie muna bago masira ang make-up sa isang Event"

Corazon Nera -
 Lyceum of the Philippines - Manila Campus, 
 Chief Librarian

She finishes everything with sophistication and charm, 

No wonder she's a Lifetime Achievement Awardee
 as former Chairman of the Board for Librarians of the Professional Regulation Commission and as President of PAARL, PLAI and PATLS

"Selfie muna bago tumanggap 
ng isa pang award sa Stage "

Mila Medina Ramos
Outstanding Professional Librarian of the Year Award 2017

The woman who stands out.

Ms. Ramos has been a Librarian since 1965 in various institutions including the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). She is currently the Head Librarian of CARD-MRI Development Institute, Inc. (CMDI). - Source: Malditang Librarian

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Early Signs of Being a Librarian in the Future

If one/both of your Parents are Librarians 

If one/both of your Parents are working in a School.

If you make reading as a Hobby 

If you love solving other's concerns and queries 

If you want to work in a School but not as a Teacher.

If you love Kids, Teachers and Parents.

If you're a Narrator and also loves to Write

If you love staying to the Library and discuss your favorite book with a librarian 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Good News : Increasing Demand for Librarians in the Philippines

Who said that Librarians do nothing?

According to the  Dept.of Education, Standard for Philippine Libraries, signed last April 2010 stated that for every 500 students enrolled an equivalent of 1 licensed Librarian and 1 library support staff should be managing the Library.

Well in that case, organizations who are not following this policy should be actually ashamed and members of Philippine Librarians Association Inc. should be making a stand to strictly follow this standard set by the Government.

It's 2018 y'all and still most of the Schools are not yet fully giving importance to the power of having a Librarian as part of the workforce. Aside from assisting Teachers during library period, listed below are the benefits of hiring more than 1 a librarian in the School: 

Librarians can ...
  • Manage proper Book acquisition's Budgeting 
  • Specialized Library Activities 
  • Support Outreach 
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Provide Advanced Library Orientation 
  • Support for School Activities and Projects
  • Substitute Administrators
  • Basic Research Assistant
  • Liaising with departmental academic staff, external organisations and suppliers
  • IT support
  • Resource Speaker for Information Literacy topics
Private companies and Government organizations  prefer to hire Library and Information Science graduates  to work in back offices as document controller, information resource specialist, secretary, research assistant and even in monitoring statistical reports. Librarians can be very convenient in Office Works and  Customer Service jobs.

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The Job Outlook: In 2030, Librarians Will Be in Demand | Editorial

Librarian supply and demand

Monday, March 12, 2018

No BOSS No PROBLEM: 5 major reasons why I choose to be on a one-man job.

I'm writing this story simply just for entertainment,

To make everyone aware? to get the idea? and be more conscious? that being alone doesn't mean you're an introvert, a silent one in the class or the conservative ones.

What if, you're just in the position which needs only a one-man personnel/staff. or maybe working alone makes you feel more productive and self-learning works for you better.

I'm currently working as a School Librarian and two of my past jobs were just the same as my current job.

Here are 5 major reasons why I choose to be on a one-man job.

1. They think you're busy all the time
Pretending you're busy is what making you busy

2. You will enjoy the Minimum Supervision
Where's my boss? I didn't see him for the past months.

3. Experience Peacefulness, Quietness and Relaxation
Unless you work outside a four-cornered room with a door lock well wish you luck.

4. No deadlines, No shouting, No cramming
In reality you have these around work but in case you missed, they are still completely clueless what you have been doing all this time. 

5. You become more flexible and Time-Management is not a problem.
Since you haven't been moving from your sit about 3-4 hours ago, you get to think ideas where you can exert effort for the remaining 3 hours of work. Well, pampering yourself or engaging a talk with a friend will not be a problem to anyone. 

What happened PLAI?

The Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI) is the only organization accredited by (APO) Accredited Professional Organization.

What Happened? 

image taken today, March 12, 2018  3:00 pm   

read more ///.source:

Accredited Professional Organization (APO)

Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (PLAI)
Rm. 301, National Library Building
T.M. Kalaw Street
Ermita, Manila
Telefax:  528-0356 / 525-0356 / 525-9401
Fax No.:  524-2248
Re-accredited: Res. No. 2008-438 dated April 1, 2008

Between 1920 and 1923, a group of six professional librarians returned to the Philippines from the United States where they trained in library science as government scholarship grantees. Realizing the need for an association to facilitate the interchange of ideas, they proposed to Dr. Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera, then director of the Philippine Library and Museum, the establishment of a library association in the Philippines.
On October 22, 1923, Dr. Pardo de Tavera met with a group of six professional librarians and other librarians interested in the organization of the Philippine library association. This marked the beginning of the Philippine Li- brary Association, Inc. (PLAI). A committee was organized to draft the constitution and the by-laws of the Association. In the next meeting on October 29, the constitution was ratified after which an election was held for the first set of officers with Dr. Pardo de Tavera unanimously elected as President. The Association was registered as a non-stock corporation on October 8, 1925.
Through the efforts of the PLAI, Governor-General Frank Murphy declared June 18-24, 1934 and every year thereafter as National Book Week. This was subsequently changed to November 24-30 by President Manuel L. Quezon.
The quest for status and recognition has been the foremost concern of Filipino librarians. In 1962, the Association sought the help of Senator Eva Estrada Kalaw who then introduced Senate Bill 916 entitled “An Act to Regulate the Practice of Librarianship in the Philippines and for Other Purposes.” The bill commenced the endless fight for state recognition of the profession. The PLAI’s dedication in the campaign for a professionalization law is considered its crowning glory. On September 19, 1990, Republic Act No. 6966 otherwise known as the “Philippine Librarianship Act” was finally enacted. The PLAI is an active member of the Congress of Southeast Asian Libraries (CONSAL), International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA), American Library Association, International Association of Orientalist Libraries and UNESCO/PID. It has also forged linkages and fostered cooperation with national associations such as the Philippine Board on Books for Young People, the Children’s Literature Association of the Philippines, the National Library, and the National Committee on Libraries and Information.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

5 Most Important Things to Bring before visiting the Library

1. A recommendation letter/ library fee
2. Identification Cards
3. Mobile Phone/ Camera
4. Pen/Notebook
5. Snacks

The 21st Century: Students Are More Interested Going to Libraries

I'm part of the Millennial generation,  I live in the 21st Century and I love visiting Libraries.

Here's My Top 5 Things to do in the Library.

1. I visit the Fiction collection.

"I would love to stay in a place where the shelves divide reality and fantasy".

Most libraries are encourage to display a massive number of fiction books in different genre (adult, romance, comedy, adventure,etc.) Not just it helps in the marketing strategy of most libraries rather millennials are fond of reading this kind of material.

2. I admire the beauty of Libraries

Have you ever wanted to stay in a very calm spot and do nothing.

Just admiring the beauty of the furniture and secretly observing the people around you is a fun thing to do.  I'm hoping for something to happen unexpectedly.

3. Have some fun talk with the Reference Librarian

Most library visitors find it more interesting to have a conversation with the 
Reference Librarian.  As much as I wanted to explain why? Reference Librarians are mostly front liners. They are very familiar with the collections, library sections, and services the library has to offer. They keep themselves updated to any kind of reference matter.

4. Visit the Library Archives/ Little Museums

This is so far my favorite thing to do!

A lot of people might not know about the hidden museums inside their school campus.

Library is like "A taste of the past and full of adventures"
Library Archives are repositories of unpublished and published stories of the organization. Artifacts are also kept here.

5. I Take Selfies!

If you're a Millennial, I would like you  to agree with me on this, 
Raise your hand if you ended up taking selfies as a souvenir!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fast Talk with a Librarian : (In case you know one. Feel free to ask quickly)

(In case you know one. Feel free to ask quickly)
                                                                              Google Image

Please tell me about yourself.

I feel old and single *atm

I have a Job

When did you become a librarian?

I passed the Philippine’s Licensure Exam for Librarians

Did you want to become a librarian while growing up?

I never imagined.

What are the challenges of being a librarian?

One, It’s quite boring
Two, many people depends on you
Three, aim for a higher salary

What are the biggest mental tools one can use to be successful in this career?

Don’t live to work, Work to live.

Why is it important for people to read regularly?

So we don’t get dumb in front of others

What are the procedures to follow if one wants to join a library?

Only one rule, if you’re serious then welcome to the club.

Do you have some advice for the youth?

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