Saturday, August 12, 2017

SHOCKING!!! 😱😱😱: This Filipino Librarian is Almost Everywhere, OMG! 😱😱

Let's Get to know some Fun Facts about  
Prof. Johnny "John Llyod" Buenrostro, Phd. 

Literally, He's Everywhere!
We are going to feature one of the admirable Librarians in the Philippines who happened to contribute his work that made a very big impact in the field of Philippine Librarianship!

This  librarian from the Philippines who call by the name of  "J.L, - John Lloyd" ( John Lloyd Cruz is a famous celebrity/ an actor in the Philippines) which makes him very famous through out the program Library and Information Science in the Philippines and the rest of the World!!
 "The Father of Modern Librarianship in the Philippines"
 Why???  Is he too old  to be tag as Modern Filipino Librarian???

Well in that case, Librarianship in the Philippines quite to be moving slow.
The fact that Library and Information Science is a program which happened to be taken for granted by everyone, many do not know that this guy is one of the founder, of the founder and of the founder of many Library Organizations that are still active in the Philippines up to this time.

"Your Ideal guy"
 Definitely he's not your sugar Daddy! 

JL is already a family man and manages to produce Professionals.
He must be very famous with the girls because of his sense of humor.
He dresses pretty well with his long sleeves and matching neck tie.
You will not able to leave the room without being amused by his natural wit.
I bet he makes his wife even more happy at home ! Oooopssss! Let's stop here!!!

Your Match-maker
 A Requested Faculty,  
 A Talented Host, 
 A Notable Author, 
 An Expert Mentor,
 An Accomplished Adviser
 A Skillful Reviewer

More likely you can use hundred of adjectives just to describe his outstanding achievements in  Philippine Librarianship.

No wonder why more people connects with him every single time.

How can these traits describe him as total Match-maker?

Well you can ask JL! He might give you one of his countless followers most likely in the same Field!

"JL also stands for
 John Lennon"

From "Hey Jude" Please don't forget to do your homework,
and "Dont Let me down", make sure to pass all my exams.

And when you failed "We can work it Out"
He might tell you to forget "Yesterday"
because for Him "All you Need is Love"

Who would not commend his love for The Beatles!!!

JL is a total package not just for the field of Librarianship but also an inspiration to aspiring Librarians in the Future.


Thanks for reading my blog!!!

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