Monday, March 22, 2021

Shhhh... My Mom is a Librarian.


I have a story to share,
something most people don't know.

My mom works,
She works in the School

No, she's not a Teacher.
No, she doesn't work in the Registrar. 
Definitely,  she's not the Principal. 

She is a Librarian!

Yes! my mom is a Librarian by profession 
Even my friends do not know. 
They knew she cooks and prepares snacks for them. 

Because growing up, my mom never left the house for work. 
She does the house chores most of the time; She's a Housewife now.
And seldom we had conversations about  her being a student nor her past life before she got married and have kids. 

Let me tell you something about her, 
My mom was a Librarian, 
She graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Education major in Library Science. 
She was a Scholar. 
She lives in a very big Family.
Her parents went abroad. 
She never took the Board Exam  to be a professional teacher or a librarian

She worked in a University, also in special libraries  with Engineers
She got married and have 5 grown-up children and grandchildren
She works everyday with no rest days. 

She was also into sales, that's what I remember. 
She was helping my dad with our business.
I don't even  know how she gets paid. 

My Mom is now in her 50's and she's getting old.
I believe she's the most simple, kind and outgoing person I know. 

I think only few people can relate how living with a Librarian mom looks like. 


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