Keep Reminding Yourself What You Always Dreamed To Be When You Were A Kid

Do you still remember what you always wanted to be when you were a child? Did it come true? or It didn't, yet?

That's the question I always ask randomly to the people I just met and I think it's cute that everyone seems to enjoy answering about.

Almost every kid had something in mind what they wanted to be when they grow up. I remember most of them wanted to be a doctor, a teacher, a nurse or an engineer but neither of them nor even me imagine to be a Librarian when I grew up.But I secretly loved and dreamed to be a performer on stage. I maybe don't have the confidence to tell it to everyone but my mom always knew dancing is something that excites me until now. She's the first person who believes in me and encourages me to join dance group organizations in my Schools. In grade school, I performed mostly cultural dances and aerobics. I wasn't able to fully enjoy dancing in Middle School but before I graduated that was my refresher, I performed at the very last part of High School till I dance my way to College and this time, I got interested to gymnastics.

Life is like a dance and there are times you get off on the wrong foot. I got too busy with my studies and a lot of things, so I choose to quit my passion for a while. Then finally set my foot to corporate world. I got six companies in 2 years. Not until my current employer approached me if I teach gymnastics for young kids.

I thought of never coming back to dancing.
But remember this, If you love something and start praying for these things, you may start your step seeking for it and it will find you. Of course I got afraid it won't come, and it will never find me.

I want to keep it short and simple for this one. How do I able to get back and dance?

I didn't stop praying....

Until time brings you back to it.
Praise God!

Until you met people who encourage and believe in you more than yourself, I think that's the time things gets easier and happier. - Me/You

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