Dear Parents, It's a good thing to check the School Library before enrolling your Child!

Dear Parents ,

Have you ever wonder why child's Tuition fee is fairly high?
Have you even try checking the listed items under the miscellaneous fees?
Have you check the School facilities and interview some of the staff working there?

Do you guarantee your child safety inside the School premise?


Although academic institutions have different areas where they're good at, But quite things for sure does matter in selecting the best School for your child ... such as the Library (Learning Spaces, Information Commons or Resource Centers, etc.) In fact, more than 5-10 percent of the student's tuition fee goes directly to this kind of department. Basically, Libraries are one of the major areas where Schools place so much budget on every semester or yearly. 

Why does it matter to check the Institution's Library?

Well to begin with, you don't want to give-away your money as if it was for a charity.
Schools falls under a business-oriented organization category , which makes Parents as their number one stakeholders. Though it doesn't mean , parents are expecting cash in return for investment (ROI) but rather the best way these Academic Institutions give back to those who trusted them is to provide quality Education for their children : Services, Safety, Solutions and Security (4S)

A library is a place where knowledge is being kept for safety. Reading materials such as references, history, circulations, journals and electronic materials are only some tools that your child can easily access information. Not just it, it is a place where your child gets to experience independent searching of information or what we call "Information Literacy". Libraries are part of your child's growth, for example they keep track of the books they have read and provide them level of reading materials as they progress. Libraries help them to navigate and search for the right information they need.

Nowadays, many academic institutions are investing for quality educational databases where students can ensure safe searching.

Parents may please check these 3 important areas of an effective Library :

1. Collections / must be updated / must be age-appropriate / must adhere to the School's vision and mission/ must increase child's moral values / must be diverse / must be easily-accessible

2. Learning Space / spacious / well lit / comfortable and safe furniture / air-conditioned / with access to internet / fire-exits /

3. Support  / trained librarians / holds library activities / Teachers guidance / extended service for research /


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