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Shhhsss! Shhhsss! Shhhsss! My Mom is a Librarian

Only few people know that my mom is a Librarian by profession and I think that most of my friends only knew she's a plain housewife who serves them snacks at our house. 

Growing up, my mom never left the house for work. 
But she does the house chores most of the time; She's a Housewife.
And seldom we had conversations regarding her education or work before she gets married and have kids. 

Let me tell you something about her : 
My mom was a Librarian, 
She graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Education major in Library Science. 
She was a Scholar. 
She lives in a very big Family.
Her parents went abroad. 
She never took the Board Exam. 
She worked in a University, also in Special Libraries. 
She gets married and has 5 grown-ups children and a grandchild.
She works at home 24/7 with no rest days. 
She was also into sales, that's what I remember. 
She's helping dad with our apartment business.
I don't know how she gets paid. 
My Mom is now in her 50's.
I believe she's the most simple, kind and outgoing person I know. 

I think these experiences made her what she is right now and only few people can relate how living with a Librarian mom looks like. 

So I listed down interesting things which a librarian mother or kids with parents working in a library can relate.

5 Things Only Kids Whose Parent is a Librarian will understand:

1. The way they Discipline their Children.

Many misinterpret how Librarians discipline their clients in the Libraries. 
Maybe because for some reasons that...
They shout more often.
They give notices and penalties.
They reprimand. 
They smile at people as if they knew each other, which may looks creepy at some point.
Their eyebrows meet when someone caught their attention.  

At home, they do the same thing. 
They are the same person. 
They do shout and punish when you did something wrong.
They give you less allowances if they are short and give you a lot when they feel rich...
They always explain to you what went wrong. 
They are also friendly to the neighbors.

And by the time their eyebrows meet, you must know how to behave yourself and should never-ever answers back.
All of these are true and they are not that bad as you think. 
In fact, they are the most rewarding kind of people I knew.

2. They give Importance to Budgeting.

Well, I think the secret is that my mom goes to the market almost every day. She checks her budget and leave a small pocket notebook with her. She hates it when everything doesn't goes well to the budget. 

I remember she told me that budgeting is one of most vital part of her work back then. 

One must be knowledgeable and have enough experience in the field.

3. They are the Best Cook.

My mom cooks 2-3 meals a day. 

She had her practice when she was still young, from the help of cookbooks she read in the library and food magazines as well.   

4. They know how to Plan Ahead.

All mothers are not perfect, they have imperfections as well.

And that’s why my mom loves to plan ahead. I was thinking maybe she's the reason why ended up to be a librarian after all.  Though, I never got interested to any program those days. Now, I currently works as Librarian abroad. Thanks to her! 

5. They will be your number 1 Support.

I've been to so many jobs within 3 years after I graduated, from BPO industries, sales and from different types of Libraries. But my mom never left my side, she supported me in every decisions I make. I know she believes in me more than myself.

I remember the day when I asked mom, what if I failed to pass the Licensure Examination. I think it would be really hard for me to accept it just because I really tried my best and it will be the best gift for my Birthday.

I was really worried and stressed that time waiting if I will pass or not. But Mom knows I will pass. She even told me than It would be much harder for her to accept if I failed.

I took the exam first time and passed.  She asked me to enroll for a Master’s Degree and helps me paying the tuition.

I owe everything to her. 
I can never be thankful enough.
and I always thank God I have a Librarian Mom. 

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Your Hot Librarian Next Door : Beach Pics are 100% Proof

Who would have thought that someone like him could be just sitting around the corner of the Library? Just waiting for you to check-out a book. 

Image may contain: Mark Gonzales, smiling, standing

Mark Gonzalez was featured in an article,  tagged as one of the Hottest Librarians in the Philippines.

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(with the caption,  "Can’t get over to the feeling''c: Mark's facebook page)

Image may contain: Mark Gonzales, ocean, outdoor, nature and water

Ever wondered what librarians look-like nowadays? 

Image may contain: Mark Gonzales, smiling, standing, outdoor, nature and water

Image may contain: Mark Gonzales, smiling, standing

Mark shared his story with us on why he ended up working in the Library.  

The Millennial Librarian of the Day : Let's meet the Chinito Cutie Librarian of Bulacan:


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Makati City - Vion Tower Library will start looking for Library staff soon!!!!

The Vion Tower features generous amenities exclusive to its residents, which include a 25-meter lap pool and wading pool, function hall, fitness center, outdoor fitness area, children’s playground, day care center, relaxation lounge and a library. The residential tower will also be highlighted by future-ready facilities such as a Smart Parcel Delivery System, which allows an automated receiving, claiming and storage of parcels.


Increasing Demand to Accessible Public Libraries in the Metro ; Brace yourself! more public libraries are coming.

Manila which happened to be the capital city of the Philippines currently holds the 12th place as one of the largest and most populated cities in Asia according to World Atlas dot com. The Metropolitan City of Manila serves as the central Business District, holds the highest possible employment rate, comprises of different Schools and Universities, plus World Class Entertainment places to go, in other word Manila has been the heart of the Philippines. 

Major cities in the Philippines have reportedly increased their awareness of giving importance to Public Libraries such as Cebu City,  which recently astonished everyone by opening the First 24/7 Public Library in the country on March 2018. Also in Quezon City, the Mayor's project to build a premier and world-class Public Library was also made into reality last year 2018. 

Cebu City Public Library/ Rizal Public Library 

It was a student — Mitch Roldan — who broached the idea to Osmeña last year, voicing out a common plaint among students like herself about the “need to study in a library setting.”
She was even willing to pay a small fee for library services rather than spend money trying to conduct her study sessions in a fast-food chain with all its distractions, she added.

                                                       Quezon City Public Library 

Looking back how Pasig City library started it all in 2010.

The Pasig City Library is known for its unique activities and its Science Discovery Centrum. Visitors can have a first-hand experience of science and technology innovations, and wonders.

Read more:
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Why is Philippine architecture lagging behind?

Ti observed that Metro Manila has an overbuilt skyline, but advanced designs are rare. “Most developments in the country are spearheaded by the private sector as commercial endeavors which make them safer,” he said. “Any progress requires experimentation and risk-taking. We also lack buildings for the public such as libraries and museums.”


City libraries attract users



Friday, February 1, 2019


"The QCPL envisions itself to be a premier and world class public library, responsive to the information and research needs of the community."
City Librarian, Emelita Villanueva

QCPL opens 8:00 am - 7:00 pm during weekdays, Monday to Friday and on weekends it opens from 8:00 am - 4: 00 p.m every Saturday and Sunday.

Who May Use the Library? 

The Library is open to the general public - students, professionals, out of school youth, children, senior citizens, officials and employees of the city hall and others including PWDs who may wish to conduct research or spend a wholesome use of lecture time thru reading.

 Library Card Application

Only bonafide Quezon City residents may apply for a library card subject to the following requirements:

  • A photocopy of one valid government ID or a barangay clearance to establish identity and residency.
  • Duly filled application form.
  • For minors: a guarantor shall provide a photocopy of one valid government ID to establish identity and residency.
  • A library card application fee amounting to sixty (60) pesos to be paid at the Miscellaneous Cashier or Treasurer’s Office as per Ordinance No. 2597, S-2017, amending No. 2291, S-2014.


The validity period of our new QCPL Library Card is three (3) years from the time of application. At any time leading up to or after the expiry date: If you can't visit the main library right away, contact us at 922-4060 and the Information Desk Staff In-charge can extend your expiry date for up to 1 month to give you more time. All outstanding charges (delinquency in returning fiction books) must be paid before your card can be renewed.

Fines and Fees
Library card application fee
P 60.00
Library card renewal fee
P 60.00
Replacement fee for loss library card by public school students
P 30.00
Replacement fee for loss library card by other library users
P 50.00
Replacement fee for subsequent instance/s of loss card
P 100.00
Fee for unreturned book
P 1.00*
Fee for electricity use
P 20.00*
* per book per day
* use of the library’s electrical outlets of 1hour or less, purpose of charging laptops, cell phones and other electronic device.

Library Services, Sections/Areas

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, house and outdoor

QCPL's Facade
Located @ Gate 7 City Hall Compound, Diliman, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila

Reference Section

Filipiniana Section

Periodicals Section

Children's Section

Law and Research Section

Multimedia Section

*Please visit their website to know more about QCPL :

*To check available collections in QCPL 

Reference videos: 

Hidden wonders at the Quezon City Public Library (Part 2) | AdBINtures :

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