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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Librarians Remain Among Most Trusted Professionals

In the increasing demand of librarians in the market, some of the professionals in the field can't cope up with stress and to the unhealthy environment which  made them decide to leave their jobs.

One of the factors that affects customer service is the impression of ...

What If librarians were too honest with their library users? 

Here are some of the conversations that shows Librarians can be  actually bluntly honest to their clients :

Library User: I can't find the book on these shelves?

LibrarianThe books are hard to find when you're not looking. I wanted to help you but there's a lot of lost books we have here and it might be the one you are looking for. 

Library User: Excuse me, Why can't I eat inside the Library?

LibrarianExcuse me? Did you make time to read the library rules and regulations or maybe you are just stupid to think this is a cafeteria or a coffee shop?

Library User: Can you teach me how to access the Library Database?

Librarian: Library databases are for smart people, try to use Google, it will be more beneficial for you to use."

Library User: Where's the Reading Area?

Librarian: What's the use of the Library signages if you will keep asking me where the reading areas are?"

Library User: Here's my library fine payment.

LibrarianThank you for paying your Library fines, It's your fault anyway for not returning the books on time."

Library User: Good day nice to see you!

LibrarianWhat the hell, here you are again, asking me to do something for you! 

How I wish you didn't notice me today!

Library User: Is it too late to get some books?

LibrarianYou can drop by tomorrow to check-out the books, I  already closed the computer after a system maintenance.


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