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Monday, August 27, 2018

The Millennial Librarian : When Library becomes the Playground of a Big Girl, Let's Meet Dianne!

Last year 2017, Librarian Secret Files released some profiles of Hottest and Most Beautiful Faces Filipino Librarians yet the search is still on for Librarians with Stories to tell.

Follow the links below:

This 2018, Let's get to meet profiles of unique and incredible young individuals and their stories of  being a Librarian in the 21st Century. 

Disclaimer: We contacted them thru their social media accounts, congratulated them from being nominated and invited them to answer some questions to complete their profile.

Dianne Angela

Olongapo, Philippines

Tell us something unique about you.

  "I stand 5 feet. and 8 inches tall."

I’m a Graduate student, sister to three, and raised by ever supportive parents. Born in Olongapo City and now I'm staying in Manila because of my work. I describe myself as faith grounded, has a balanced well-being, and in spite of the fact that eating is my favorite hobby, I have the talent not to gain weight.

In terms of uniqueness, well I think it's pretty normal to put yourself in tears when you laugh really hard. I'm very interested to any course correlated with mathematics but it doesn’t love me back. I’m very passionate about memorizing commercial jingles and singing to Disney songs. I stand 5 feet and 8 inches in height. I find myself tall but I never imagine joining to beauty pageants or in any sports. I'm not interested into fashion, but I feel naked without my earrings on.

Your Librarian Journey:  Why did you choose to become a Librarian? What makes you happy in this Profession

"Destiny brought me in becoming a librarian."

Everything started when I was in college; I have to work as a student assistant in return to my Scholarship. I was assigned in the library, rendering certain number of hours in a day doing library services.  Days had passed and I was getting more interested and curious about everything in the library.  I began to love helping people find a good book, searching through card catalogs, and getting hang of it made me finally realized I wanted to enroll Library and Information Science.

I passed the Librarian-Licensure-Examination in the year 2013 and worked in different types of libraries. My first job was in a School library, then I moved in a Public library and presently I'm working in an Academic library. I work as an Acquisition Librarian in UP College of Science. 

Aside from the opportunity to serve people, librarianship makes me happy when I get to save researcher’s time from searching through oceans of data, I bet any librarian does. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing my clients feeling satisfied with my work.

What makes you feel sexy? Attitude, Hobbies, Sports, etc..

I’m the sexiest when I’m happy.

I feel sexy when I get to spend time with my love ones ; to wake up every morning next to my parents and be able to cook and prepare meals for them; to simply receive ‘thank you’ from my siblings and have the chance to make them feel how much I care. I feel sexy when I dance to music. I know how to sing a little bit but I think it would be fun to sing in-front of a crowd. It’s undeniably feel sexy to be surrounded by positive people and constantly learn new things. In addition, I love wearing my black dresses. But most importantly, to get involved in the church service and being able to use my talent to serve and glorify God.

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