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Good News : Colleges and Universities, The Bachelor Program that Opens more than 20 Opportunities

Bachelor of Library and Information Science offers many job opportunities and at the top of that , graduates of this program have been showing remarkable performance throughout their chosen workplace.

Listed below are Full Time jobs that you might be interested to apply after finishing the program:

Library Staff
Section Head/
Floor Supervisor/
Chief Librarian/
Library Director
-Do not/Do requires PRC Licensure Exam for Librarians
Welcomes beginner to average experience 

Customer Service Jobs
Contact Center/BPOs
Business Agent/Provider

-Good/High Level Communication Skills
with Pleasing Personality is a plus.

Library and Information Science Instructor
Primary/Secondary Education Teacher

-Highly motivated to Teach 
-Do requires PRC Licensure Exam for Librarians/LET
-minimum to average to expert experience  

Museum Archives
School Records and Archives
Private Company/Organization Record Keeper

-Talent in restoration and records-keeping
-Do not/Do requires PRC Licensure for Librarians/LET
-minimum to average to expert experience  

Private Companies 
Information Resource Specialist
Records Management Staff
Program and Events Specialist

-with good work ethics and hardworking
-Do NOT/ Do requires PRC Licensure for Librarians/LET
-minimum experience  

Government Employee 
Presidential Records Management
Departmental Librarian

Freelance Writer/Virtual Assistant
Research Assistant


-Do NOT/Do requires PRC Licensure for Librarians
LET/Civil Service
- Average to Expert experience  

How much do you earn?
How to become a one?
What are the qualifications?

Please read this articles below:

Trust me, I went to different jobs within my 5 years experience and I know real stories from friends and humble beginnings from the experts as well. 

-Librarian Secret Files Blog, Author

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Millennial Librarian : When Library becomes the Playground of a Big Girl, Let's Meet Dianne!

Last year 2017, Librarian Secret Files released some profiles of Hottest and Most Beautiful Faces Filipino Librarians yet the search is still on for Librarians with Stories to tell.

Follow the links below:

This 2018, Let's get to meet profiles of unique and incredible young individuals and their stories of  being a Librarian in the 21st Century. 

Disclaimer: We contacted them thru their social media accounts, congratulated them from being nominated and invited them to answer some questions to complete their profile.

Dianne Angela

Olongapo, Philippines

Tell us something unique about you.

  "I stand 5 feet. and 8 inches tall."

I’m a Graduate student, sister to three, and raised by ever supportive parents. Born in Olongapo City and now I'm staying in Manila because of my work. I describe myself as faith grounded, has a balanced well-being, and in spite of the fact that eating is my favorite hobby, I have the talent not to gain weight.

In terms of uniqueness, well I think it's pretty normal to put yourself in tears when you laugh really hard. I'm very interested to any course correlated with mathematics but it doesn’t love me back. I’m very passionate about memorizing commercial jingles and singing to Disney songs. I stand 5 feet and 8 inches in height. I find myself tall but I never imagine joining to beauty pageants or in any sports. I'm not interested into fashion, but I feel naked without my earrings on.

Your Librarian Journey:  Why did you choose to become a Librarian? What makes you happy in this Profession

"Destiny brought me in becoming a librarian."

Everything started when I was in college; I have to work as a student assistant in return to my Scholarship. I was assigned in the library, rendering certain number of hours in a day doing library services.  Days had passed and I was getting more interested and curious about everything in the library.  I began to love helping people find a good book, searching through card catalogs, and getting hang of it made me finally realized I wanted to enroll Library and Information Science.

I passed the Librarian-Licensure-Examination in the year 2013 and worked in different types of libraries. My first job was in a School library, then I moved in a Public library and presently I'm working in an Academic library. I work as an Acquisition Librarian in UP College of Science. 

Aside from the opportunity to serve people, librarianship makes me happy when I get to save researcher’s time from searching through oceans of data, I bet any librarian does. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing my clients feeling satisfied with my work.

What makes you feel sexy? Attitude, Hobbies, Sports, etc..

I’m the sexiest when I’m happy.

I feel sexy when I get to spend time with my love ones ; to wake up every morning next to my parents and be able to cook and prepare meals for them; to simply receive ‘thank you’ from my siblings and have the chance to make them feel how much I care. I feel sexy when I dance to music. I know how to sing a little bit but I think it would be fun to sing in-front of a crowd. It’s undeniably feel sexy to be surrounded by positive people and constantly learn new things. In addition, I love wearing my black dresses. But most importantly, to get involved in the church service and being able to use my talent to serve and glorify God.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Millennial Librarian of the Day : Let's meet the Chinito Cutie Librarian of Bulacan

Last year 2017, Librarian Secret Files released some profiles of Hottest and Most Beautiful Faces Filipino Librarians yet the search is still on for Librarians with Stories to tell.
Follow the links below:

This 2018, Let's get to meet profiles of unique and incredible young individuals and their stories of  being a Librarian in the 21st Century. 

Disclaimer: We contact them thru their social media accounts, congratulated them from being nominated and invited them to answer some questions to complete their profile.

Mark Gonzales,
Librarian at China Bank Corp.

We would like to ask your permission to use maximum 2-3 of your Most Instagrammable photos uploaded on your social accounts;

 Mark : Sure, I’m giving my full consent for this particular matter. 

Q AND A (PART): Please provide your answers to the following questions.

a. Tell us something unique about yourself?

 Mark :  I think being color blind is unique. 😄

b. Your Librarian Journey:  Why did you choose to become a Librarian?
What makes you happy about this Profession?

Mark :  It's my family’s choice. My former professors and classmates can attest to that. 
I love challenges! being in this profession is indeed one big challenge.

It makes me feel happy every time I am able to change the perception and give a new impression to librarians from other people. I feel fulfilled every time it happens. 

I chose to pursue Librarianship especially after I passed the Librarian Licensure Examinations last 2017 because I have this inner goal in my head to change the narratives about Librarians and of course to help spread information literacy. 😊

c. What makes you feel sexy? (Attitude, Hobbies, Sports, etc...)

 Mark : I feel sexy whenever I’m in corporate attire. I’m sort of a clown to my friends and I love making people laugh at my punchlines and I think that it is my sexiest attitude.

Let's get to know more stories of other young Millennial Librarian on the next day.
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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Impossible to Possible : The Library That Has No Rules and No Boundaries

"Books can change the World and It starts at Mang Nanie's Home."

Hernando Guanlao or "Mang (which means elder) Nanie" is a Filipino senior-citizen and currently lives in a two-story apartment with his family from the big City of Makati in the Philippines. Mang Nanie is a 66-years old gentleman who made his home an instant attraction in the City. 

He converted their small front yard to a place where you can borrow a book, feel free to read anything, explore with no boundaries, where no one will have to yell to keep you silent or even try to scold you for eating and drinking at the same time  and for more than 15 years, Mang Nanie and his library gives hope to the people , especially to the young unfortunate children that there are still plenty of splendid things in this world which you can call Free.

His actions made him viral in the social media when someone posted a picture of his good deeds in the internet which caught everyone's attention, make him an inspiration, and join him to his cause. 

Mang Nanie got an interview with World Remit organization.

The No Rules , Free Reading Library

My home, My books are free to everybody, 
Talk to me, see me, enjoy my place. This is my Mission,
and I don't have to charge them for reading my books.
- Mang Nanie Guanlao

This is a big signage in-front of Mang Nanie's House

Mang Nanie coined the word "Librery" (Library)
Libre (means FREE in Filipino/Tagalog) 
He said, Education is a right, a privilege and must/should be Free 
to enjoy by all Filipinos.

Free Books, Free Education

The news reaches the heart of a Filipino-librarian from Australia who also sent an email to the World Remit organization to help Mang Nanie in getting book donations for these young children and indigenous people of the Philippines which are the Aetas. 

Trisha M. Pan is one of the young children in the Tribes who received the book donations. Everyone in the tribe wishes that this project continuous so they can finish their education or they can be proud of accomplishing something because of this project.

A cookie in-exchange of books . 

Ysabelle Irabon , a grade six student who wish to be someone like Mang Nanie  in helping others by asking for book donations. She was totally amazed by the cause to help the less fortunate children in the Philippines with educational books. She started collecting from her own library, ask help from her friends who are willing to donate used and new books and other people from the community who also wish to bring happiness to Mang Nanie's Library. It really sounds interesting that Ysabelle gives a cookie for anyone who donated their books to her. 

Ysabelle is only one of the many people who was inspired by the good values showed by Mang Nanie. 

"Something so small can start a really big thing and Everybody would be willing to Help"
- Ysabelle Irabon

Giving without asking anything in return, just simply to make them happy. 
- Mang Nanie

You can check these videos for reference: 

World Remit Organization
ABS-CBN - Bandila

Thursday, August 16, 2018

A True Hero : The Librarian Who Couldn't Ask For More

The Story of a True Hero 

"Nanay" Gavina Castro from the Philippines, lives in a small town of Lomboy, Dagupan City -Pangasinan. She currently works in a community library and trying to maintain the small workplace  she calls  "Barangay's Library of Information."

The small town of Lomboy Dagupan-Pangasinan, Philippines.

(The exact area where they built the library used to be a docking place for the small boats of fishermen, since fishing is one of the town's sources of living.)

The displayed books were donations that came from the Main City Public Library. The books are really old and not enough to cater the needs of the people in the community but for a supermom like Nanay Gavinaeverything seems to be just fine.

She never loses hope for the library and the kids.  She started planning on how to improve her collections and even during  summer vacation, she still manages to open the library for avid visitors especially to the young children of Lomboy.

The summer weather in the Philippines is actually the best time for the kids to enjoy, where most of them play out in the sun, help their moms with the house chores and their fathers in the farm or in the sea to catch some fish which they can sell to the market. 

But it's also the best time for  Nanay Gavina to open the library to welcome anyone who loves to read books, enjoy the peacefulness and learn new things. 

The True Story of Sacrifice and Dedication 

The struggle is real for Nanay Gavina and for the library, one of the difficulties she's facing in order to get the new books that the children might need will be coming from the Main City of Dagupan which will take 2-3 hours of travel by boat. 

Apparently, most visitors of the Library do not how to read. It gets even harder that some of the kids in the small town of Lomboy do not understand the Philippines' main language which is Tagalog. 
She helps them by translating the words into their dialect so they can deeply understand what's the book is all about and also she helps these children do their homework from School.
These sacrifices are nothing but a piece of cake according to  Nanay Gavina. Not only that she serves as the community librarian but she also becomes the teacher for these kids. 

Nanay Gavina earns less than $60 (US Dollars) more or less Php. 2,600 (Philippine Peso) per month. 

It makes her happy that she can teach her own kids inside the library and becomes the second mother for other children who visits her. When she was still  young , she always have the time to visit the library and read. She's the person that gives importance to the things that she learned through reading and these traits she wanted her children to have. 

Nanay Gavina wants her library to get fix, so the more visitors she can accommodate, the more people in the community realize that there is a place where they can feel the importance of learning and having a good education in life.

True Heroes are Public Servants,
They save lives, they give hopes,
They are inspirations,  they create dreams,
They don't ask anything in return,
They sacrifice too much for others. 
and sometimes normal people like us do not recognize these sacrifices made.


Please see the story video here : Tapatan Ni Tunying: Brgy. Lomboy Library of Information :

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