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The School's Bestie : 5 Reasons why the Library is your Best Friend!

by RcMunoz June 8,2018
Hope you enjoy reading!

Summer ends too fast and School will be opening soon!
Surely, I will miss so many things during vacation.

"I will miss staying late night in my friend's house"
"I will miss being lazy and staying in bed all day"
"I will miss the new adventures."

It's really hard to let go of Summer routines.
But School is a place where actually new adventure begins...

Buying new clothes, new school supplies, new bag, new shoes, 
Arranging your room for a more convenient space to learn,
Meeting new People in School,
Adding more savings from your allowance. 
Finding a new Crush,
or looking for a Best-Friend. 

In School, sometimes it's really hard to find someone who fits your standard to call them as your Best-Friend but it doesn't mean it can't be something like a place, a hobby, a pet, a food or a book.

There's actually lot of place in School where you can say 
"I belong here",
"It makes me happy", 
and "I don't mind staying for quite long" 

and mine's the Library.

so here are the 5 Reasons why the Library is my Best Friend! 

1. Don't talk much : Don't ask much too.

I always enjoy being around with funny and nice people. 
I'm not an introvert  but sometimes it gets me irritated from friends who talks too much about themselves.(as if I care!)
We all have dramas and things happening in life but don't get me wrong, I'm not your diary. I would be more interested if you get those stories published. 

I love reading fictions, I see myself reacting  without someone caring about my opinion.
When I'm reading, I imagine. I put myself in the character's shoes and it gives me a feeling how to be like them for a second. 

Books don't talk and don't answers back! That's why I love being with them. 

2. They are Helpful. Always there when you're in Need.

Nowadays, Libraries offer different kind of services to their clients. As well as the librarians, they are not the typical boring ones. 

The Library helps me to pass my subjects last semester and I'm hoping they can give me much support this School Year.

 I get to make friends with the librarians in our school, they are very accommodating and have a good sense of humor too. 

3. Gives you Comfort and Peace. Helps you think clearly and see things on a wider spectrum

Our Library is big and spacious, I can almost sit anywhere. Hiding between the shelves is my favorite spot.  I love checking out the new fiction books, sometimes I ask the librarian to notify me when are they coming. It makes me happy to smell the new books and feel the smooth cover of it.

It feels very relaxing,
It gives me a break from school works. 
I love it when they turn the A.C into a higher level,
That's so cold, It feels like I'm in my bedroom,
That's why I always bring a jacket and sometimes my pretty yellow blanky to make me feel cozy.  

4. You can ask random Questions and get answers without getting Offended. 

I can almost find all the answers to my assignments in the Library. From books, eBooks to audio visual materials and digital/electronic resources. 

The librarians make me feel comfortable that sometimes I ask too many questions and request from them, fortunately I never got rejected. They offer the right services, on the right time, on the right place.

5. It Never Leaves You.  It has always been there for you.

Last year was something memorable for me,  my best-friend since grade school left to migrate Abroad. I got so sad. It seems half of my enjoyment in School went missing.

Our favorite thing to do is sharing the books we read and how amazing the story goes.
We both love reading the new books in the Library, in the same spot I used to stay now, between the narrow shelves of the old fiction books. The A.C above us made us feel comfortable to sit on the carpet, laugh hard, talk about dreams, share our secrets and scare ourselves to the possibility that we're still two different people chasing very unlikely dreams in life. I want to be Teacher back in our province, she wants to take International Studies.  Our friendship is very special and it never ends there. Now, I'm really excited to open my email from her because she sent an e-book attached to it. It's her new favorite novel from Jay Asher. I wonder what it is.

It gets me more excited to head back to the library and download e-books to my gadget, also the internet connection there is really good and it's the trend now.
The Library is my favorite place in School. I love everything about that place. It brings back good memories with me and my best-friend. But no worries, I know that she's in a happy place right now.
I wonder how good is the library there abroad. I will visit her soon after College and we will visit all the good libraries, museums and parks.

It's time for me to go to sleep now. Tomorrow, I'll be able to see the new books already. I hope everything is still the same in that place because the Library is like my second home and it feels like my best-friend is just beside me.


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Here are some tips, I would love to share with you guys!

1. Clear up your Mind and focus on your Goal!

What's my Goal?

 I want to be one of the Topnotchers!!!! I know it wasn't simple and easy but in order to condition my mind , I always motivate myself not just to pass the exam but to excel and receive an award from my Alma mater. Powerful!!!!! who knows they might give me a car?

2. Eat and be Happy!

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Poor Library Users, I think we should do something about this!!!

The primary goal of the library is to provide accessible and comfortable space for learning, research and personal welfare of its users.

Nowadays,  libraries are becoming more friendly when it comes to their services.  These includes : library cafes,  multimedia rooms, archives and museums, well-maintained comfort rooms, gardens, etc... /But still some Library users still feel the unsatisfactory with all the efforts. These pictures will show you proof that some of them might need more attention, understanding and importance.
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