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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Must Read : Ssshhh!!!! 5 Characteristic of Having a Librarian Partner #TheIdealPartner

1. Librarians are Honest
If you want to stay long in a relationship, Honesty is the best thing that you can give to your partner.

I believe in the virtue of telling the truth thus it makes the relationship even stronger. 

Librarians are also known as reliable Information Resource Specialist.

Most librarians that focus on a specific subject area manages to take courses and studies regarding the field.

Librarians treat information as very vital component of different studies. There's is no space for unreliable and biased Information. 

2. Librarians are Risk Taker

The importance of taking risk revolves around in this kind of Profession.  Librarians survive when they grab opportunities that they don't expect. 
Risk Lovers invest for earning higher returns. It may sound unconditional but you can never go wrong once you took the bait. 

3. Librarians are Hospitable
Libraries provide the best customer service to its clients.
No wonder that Librarians are very accommodating and remarkable when it comes to customer satisfaction surveys.

4. Librarians are Talented

I believe that one of best qualifications of hiring a Library and Information Science graduate is the ability to be productive even with minimum supervision. 

Librarians are trained to host an event especially conducting library orientations for teachers and students. They must have the ability to do things alone. Creativity is the Key!!!

5. Lastly, Librarians are Hard to Find

Did you know that there are average of less than 10,000 Registered Librarians in the Philippines since 1992.

Tho some of them may have left the Universe already or reached the retirement period but many are still inspired to be one. 

Bachelor of Library and Information Science offers many job opportunities and at the top of that , they also bring good relationship to their work spaces. 


Just to give you the Idea :

Board of Librarians


The Board for Librarians was created by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 6966 also known as “The Philippine Librarianship Act” which was enacted into law on September 19, 1990.
The Board conducted its first licensure examination on December 3, 1992. Two years later, it launched the full computerization of the librarian licensure examinations.
The first Board was composed of: Dr. Irene D. Amores as Chairman and Ms. Susima L. Gonzales and Ms. Belen B. Angeles as Members.

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