Monday, March 12, 2018

No BOSS No PROBLEM: 5 major reasons why I choose to be on a one-man job.

I'm writing this story simply just for entertainment,

To make everyone aware? to get the idea? and be more conscious? that being alone doesn't mean you're an introvert, a silent one in the class or the conservative ones.

What if, you're just in the position which needs only a one-man personnel/staff. or maybe working alone makes you feel more productive and self-learning works for you better.

I'm currently working as a School Librarian and two of my past jobs were just the same as my current job.

Here are 5 major reasons why I choose to be on a one-man job.

1. They think you're busy all the time
Pretending you're busy is what making you busy

2. You will enjoy the Minimum Supervision
Where's my boss? I didn't see him for the past months.

3. Experience Peacefulness, Quietness and Relaxation
Unless you work outside a four-cornered room with a door lock well wish you luck.

4. No deadlines, No shouting, No cramming
In reality you have these around work but in case you missed, they are still completely clueless what you have been doing all this time. 

5. You become more flexible and Time-Management is not a problem.
Since you haven't been moving from your sit about 3-4 hours ago, you get to think ideas where you can exert effort for the remaining 3 hours of work. Well, pampering yourself or engaging a talk with a friend will not be a problem to anyone. 

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