Wednesday, February 28, 2018

(image) Going back to School. : The Graduate Studies

                    (image) Graduate Studies Classmates : sleepover, karaoke, foods, convos.

    I already took 15 units of the course Masters in Library and Information Science before I went            abroad.Apparently, they're older than me but I'm glad that I have learned a lot with these people.



Tuesday, February 20, 2018

(STORY) A 60 year-old School Librarian protected more than 50 students and teachers during a life-threatening event

“I could see between the door and the floor. I could see if the bad guy – the shooter – walked past,” she said.

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The Story: 

Diana is a School Librarian which happened to be the Hero Librarian who saves the life of more than 50 students and teachers inside that library at that time. She yelled to them that  no one will risk to run along the hallway and everybody should stay inside. 

She didn't panic, given the situation but according to her she was inspired and taught by her colleague who experiences the same situation. 

She immediately turn-off the lights, shut windows and  locked them inside...

“I could see between the door and the floor. I could see if the bad guy – the shooter – walked past,” she said.

As they had recently undergone training and had been informed a simulated incident would take place.

“We did everything we were trained to do. And still this happened. And still 17 didn’t go home after school,” she said.

We're very sad to hear what happened and our deepest condolences to the Family of those 17 students from the tragic shooting incident at a High School in Florida.

(REACTION) This commercial cries for help!!!

I’m pissed,
I’m heartbroken
I pity.
I cried.
I'm unhappy, 

This video  makes cry for help for those people who doesn't have enough food on their plate. 

I can just never imagine that this pleases everyone. 

This kind of clips should never be made fun of.

and artists who demonstrated this kind of entertainment must say sorry for those are offended.

This is entertainment now,

To waste food is fun.

To be crazy is even funny

To actually dont care rocks!!!

It needs to Stop!!!! It's not Funny.
You can make a Difference!

watch the video :

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