Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Unstoppable : This Filipino Librarian won't stop taking selfies with her husband off-guard !!!

We feature admirable Librarians in the Philippines who happened to contribute their work and made a very big impact in the field of Philippine Librarianship.

Let's Get to know some Fun Facts about 
Prof. Nora J. Claravall, Ed.D.

A Selfie Queen : Don't mess with her selfies!
(Her husband might look very unhappy in these photos but who cares??? ðŸ˜‚😂😂)
She's not your typical Library employee... rather She's a celebrity for many in the field of Library and Information Science in the Philippines. Everyone wants to take a selfie or a groupie with her like almost everywhere and every time.

In the class, around the corner, outside school, during meetings, in general assemblies and formal events where Librarians gathered for a celebration or to a more serious discussion. She never left the room without a souvenir; a selfie. 

"The Tiger Queen of 
Libraries and Librarianship" 

Not just because she graduated from the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas (UST) , home of the Yellow Tigers, she also dedicated herself in the field for more than decades now.
She also works as a full time professor for Bachelor of Library and Information Science in UST and also handles part of Graduate Studies teaching loads in the same School. Her loyalty in the said University made her fulfill her dreams in her running career and for her children as well.

She stands for,
Notable Author
Outstanding Leader
Respected Teacher 
Admirable Speaker

No wonder that she never failed to make someone capture her moments. (Slow Clap!) ðŸ‘ðŸ‘ðŸ‘

A Travel Guide


Nora Claravall  is a bankable and respected guess speaker in Philippine Librarianship who happened to be invited from almost different Libraries from North to South. 

Librarian conferences and seminars are very common in the Philippines, which gives you the pleasure to travel as well as learn the new trends and practices in the field.

From the Beauty of 7,107 islands of the Philippines,
Iconic amusements in Hong Kong,  
"Konnichiwa"," Ohayō gozaimasu", Japan,
The romantic city of Paris, France
and Here we go Canada! plus many more places to go and see! 

An Absolute Homemaker...

These pictures were taken from Nora Claravall's Facebook account, the caption will be undeniable biased if we were to put anything under these pictures. We would like to say our sincere thanks, to the owners of the photos used in this article. 

Let's end this as we say Thanks to All of our readers as we reached 16k views in 10 days.

To know more about Nora J. Claravall, Ed.D.

Nora J. Claravall, Ed.D. is a professorial lecturer at the University of Santo Tomas, University of the East and Centro Escolar University. She has a wide administrative experience as the University Librarian of Benguet State University, Benguet from 1976 to 2005. Her area of specialization includes organization of information resources, reference and library management. An active member in the library profession, she is currently the President of the Philippine Librarians Association, Inc.-National Capital Region Librarians Council. Her latest publication is a book entitled: Managing libraries and information centers in the Philippine setting. -

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