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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Road to the Unexpected -part 1

When I was in GradeSchool I used to be on the honor roll

until I reached Middle School still I ended up on the top

performing students of my Batch. (of course I'm lying)

I'm just an ordinary student with simple life goals. All I

wanted is to earn money for my family and buy the things I

want. Very Simple! Not Extraordinary!

I can say that our family live a very simple life in Quezon

City, Manila. Philippines.

My mom finished Library Science and dad is an Electronic Technician.

I have four siblings, there's a Nursing graduate in the fam. who ended up in the BPO industry, We have an aspiring

Accountant, my Brother is a Web Developer and our youngest happened to be an Engineer,

Well me? I ended up to be cornered by the four-walls of the Library.

#librariansecretfiles #libraryscience #librarians #blog

-end of first blog-part 2 is coming!!!

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