Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Library and Information Science is INSANE!!!

Is Bachelor of Library and Information Science Worth It? - - Road to the Unexpected pt.2 

-Especially for those who will go to College this Year, I hope this will help you! ... or not? hahaha😊FYFYF F 

FYI , I graduated 3 years ago last April 2014 and  I just turned 24 this Aug,2017.

In my first year, I took the program in the University of Santo Tomas under the College of Education. I enjoyed my stay for almost 3 semesters. Then, I have to transfer to the University of East which is also a nearby University around Manila, Philippines. 

It was a great experience, especially when started my  On-the-Job Training (OJT).

I believe, I was able to deliver that time!!!! well when your Boss and the Management is happy, you can tell that you have done something which makes them Very Satisfied with your Service. 

I owe it to my professors and mentors, all my skills and knowledge not just about on the technical side of being  a librarian but what I have further gained through the 4 year program. 

                                                This is my crazy 3 year work experience:  

2014- Startek International- Business Process Outsourcing  (BPO) 

2014- TP -
Business Process Outsourcing , (BPO) 

2014- 2015 Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School 

2015-2016 National University

2016-2017 Convergys UP- 
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) 

2017- Orbit International School Dammam, KSA -School

Yes, would you believe that??? I got paid by 6 companies in all. 

I know this will mess-up my resume or maybe it might turn off some HR pips.🙅 But who cares!!! For as long it keeps you happy and motivated.

However, I'm not saying it made my career go crazy or what-so-ever???

But the Lesson here is that the course can bring you to different places and makes you meet Bitches and Joes,  people who can be your Friend or Enemy. 

The Program is not hard,  also not that Easy. You just have to put an extra love and effort then just go with the flow ğŸ™‡

and you can say, It's all Worth it 

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