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 Featured Article: What makes the library one of the unique places to bring your Date!

 A Library is a place  where someone can acquire too much knowledge because it provides unlimited resources whether physical or electronic access. Time pass by where most of us cannot define what a Library is?

Nowadays, Libraries offer a lot of extended services; Libraries provide easy access databases and so the librarians maintain on their seats to do technicalities inside a private room.

Libraries evolved into something where it became a necessity for everyone!  Just like  cafes and restaurants, most individual needed something the same that a library has to offer;  Wi-Fi, recreational books, board games, reading space, clean and well-lighted also with good

So the idea is to integrate Library in their business.!

         Here are some of the reasons why Libraries are the best  the place to get to know someone.

Books are for smart people!

          Of course who wants to date someone who doesn't know much about everything in Reality?

Life has so much things to offer when you're with someone who see the future just way as you are!
Being smart in life is the sexiest thing!

Libraries have these Romantic Mood!

"Your eyes talk more than your lips"

Since most libraries prohibited someone to talk too loud, whispering to each other's ears is the way to communicate. The fact that it's too quite, you may hear those heartbeat and the air that tickles your ear and makes you laugh!

Library keeps History!
Some libraries are just like  museums and it has this feeling of being trap into a very old era where the concept of love is very old, classic and traditional.

 "Just like history I hope ours for keeps"

It brings you to Fantasy!

Kiss and tell , the feeling we shared behind these books, . No one cares who sees us. You might get a detention for this, so be careful. This kind of behavior is inevitable!


Make you do Multiple Things!

In the city, most restaurants and cafes offer reading materials and space  where at the same time you can have all kind of beverages you want and order something special on their menu. This is Life!!!

Library tells Secrets!

Either you tried carving your name into a piece of wood or vandalize the school property like the chair and the restroom door?...Many have tried to the same thing in the Library's Property.

Libraries make you feel comfortable to bring someone with and talk about almost everything even your most wildest secret.

Actually I have witnessed this my friend seeing different girls inside the library. Even though he has a girlfriend,  Well that's a secret!!!

It has Everything!
Most importantly, witness and experience what your library has to offer! Just like into a person, explore the things that you might have in common or difference that you have to respect.

"Libraries may not be same in all aspects, but the goal is to armed you with knowledge that you can use to your  future endeavors in Life"

 The Library is your dream Date.

Thank you for your time reading my work. Feel free to comment anything below.

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