Friday, August 11, 2017

I Fell in Love with a Librarian

I Fell in Love with a Librarian 

Every time when I open that door , I always wish that you're the first person I see,
the more that I can't wait  to hear your Shh! Shh! Shh!

Those are the sweetest words that I can't wait to hear, after I slept those subjects that I can't stand and fear.

I don't know but there's something different about her looks,
that made me pretend to read these Harry Potter books.

So I can stay longer...
long enough to see you more,
maybe someday you will realize,
I'm the one you're looking for.

I got very jealous  with that guy flirting you,
which makes me punch the person next to me.
And then you came to scold me!
because this nerd beside me shouted that I'm a bully.

Promise not bring me to the Discipline Office, 
"Please I'm begging you not to do that,"

Because I was hoping our first date would be in a Mountain Park,
where we can sit down and talk a lot.

So I can get to know you even more!
A girl behind those glasses,
Would make me believe in Forevermore.

Suddenly that nerd push me hard and ran abort,
accidentally my body pushed you and we fell.
I caught your head with my arms and shoulders,
I was so afraid that you might get hurt.

I heard you whisper, "Thank you"

And then I said, "I love You".

Out of nowhere, my mouth uttered those three words.

I wish to say sorry,
But how can I hide this feeling anymore,
When this time you make me worry.

I want to check on you, be with you, and surrounded by you.

But yesterday you replied nothing and left,
My heart cried that day, you stole everything like a theft.

I never came back to see you until Graduation Day has come,

I was hoping to sneak on you for the last time.
So I open that door once again to check if you can still be mine.

I love what I saw,  everything has never change.
You're still that girl that catches everyone's attention.
It seems that time never came to age.

Luckily you came to my direction...
I have waited for this event to happen again...
So I can say sorry and apologize...
And ask you question that made me realize...

Excuse me! You're blocking the way, she said.
but I told her to use the other door...
Even though I wanted to tell everything,
The things that revolve in my head.

Who are you? She asked.

I whispered, (Well you and me are the main cast)

I wanted to return something I have just borrowed,
My most precious heart for you cupid has arrowed. 

She excused herself,
but before she left,

I looked at her face closely,
I can't accept suddenly she became sad and lonely.
My heart melts to see her like that,
I wanted to kill the person that made you feel that way.
I thought who would not beg you to stay?

I looked back and saw her eyes locked at me,
Tears are falling and it feels very heavy

It's between I couldn't say anything or
I couldn't think of anything right,
 so I ran after her so fast
and started to hug her so tight.

I told her that everything is going to be fine,
because I'm here to give you Sunshine!

I will try to make you happy everyday,
until I make sure you're feeling okay.

That moment was the most memorable,
because that very special moment with my dear,

She whispered those words I longed to hear❤


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