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Librarians have their own unique fashion sense and work essentials. 

Under social categorization, the process of classifying people into groups may based on: 
etc in LIFE. 

It's the fact that...
Everyone wants to do well and look good on their Job. 

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Here are some of the things we usually observe in a modern librarian today:


The always smart casual look

Librarians must look smart and smell clean. Library clients will surely believe you almost knew everything not just in fashion but can definitely give what they want. 



The Millennial 

There is no doubt millennials are some of the most fashion and style conscious generation we’ve ever seen. With the rise of social media in our society looking your best and portraying the image of yourself you want others to see is very important to this generation.





Sweet Bookish Tumbler




Passion Planner
Passion Planner is the one place for all your thoughts. It's more than just a planner—it's a tool that helps you break down your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. It has been designed to encourage you to plan for the future, reflect on the past, but most importantly, act on the present


Planning regular routine


There is no doubt that technology has had a lasting impact on libraries. Once thought to be going the way of traditional bookstores, libraries have rebounded and are thriving in a technology fueled world. With the help of innovation, re-imagination and vision, libraries are embracing new technologies while creating dynamic community centers filled with life. They are no longer a house of dusty books and card files; they are centers of creativity, research and collaboration...and they are free.

Lastly, the one that never change since then is the fact that...

Librarian wears their SMILE all the time

Please take time to read this article! 

Longtime librarian always had a smile on her face

 Jean Mangan was an institution at the Rockford Public Library, from her sunny disposition to her legendary baking skills. She died Wednesday after a sudden illness leaving her library “family” stunned and in mourning.
“It’s been a really hard week,” said Amanda Meyers, a librarian in youth services, one of the department’s Mangan oversaw. “Everyone is walking around here very sad.”
Mangan started working at the Rockford Public Library as a librarian in 1986. She held several managerial positions, serving as a manager for the library’s East, Rock River and Rockton Centre branches at various times in her career. She was a go-to person for staff and patrons alike.
“When you saw Jean, you got a smile,” said Karen Mohr-Powers, the library’s chief financial officer. “She was always willing to do anything that needed to be done. ... And she loved the library. The library was her passion.”
Mangan fell ill late last week and was hospitalized. She was taken off life support Monday. She died Wednesday at the age of 59.
Mangan had a heart for people and public service, co-workers said. She once baked cookies for every department at the library in exchange for donations to a cleaning supply drive.
“It worked,” Mohr-Powers said. “I think she figured if everyone brought in one item, we would have enough to meet the goal. ... Everyone wanted Jean’s cookies.”
Library employees always looked forward to meetings with Mangan, Meyers said. She was kind and helpful in every way, and she usually arrived with a plate full of goodies.
“She was just at a meeting with us last (week). She brought scones,” Meyers said. “Those were my favorite. ... I told her how much I liked them once, and she gave me the recipe. She was always happy to share.”
Mangan regularly attended library board meetings. Sometimes she would be there to present information about her department. Sometimes, she just came to listen.
“She was always interested in activities of the library at all levels,” said Library Board President Paul Logli. “She had a real love of the library and a real commitment to its services to the community.”
Flags at all Rockford library locations will be lowered to half-staff for one week in Mangan’s memory.


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