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Admit it or not:  
"we restraint ourselves from becoming a villain to others, but in fact, this makes us a normal human being."

In the world where your dreams are made of, we get to meet people who will become part of it.  This individual may either make you or break you!

However, there are signs that eventually you'll be able to notice and confirm. In the same manner, these are also the signs which makes you despised someone in particular. 
"The hardest part is... when someone you hate doesn't even know you don't give a f#%&8 to them."
We all know this is something we wish we don't have in our dictionary and what's most annoying is that this mortal seems to enjoy your company and in every single day at work he/she likes being attached with you! Like a dog...


Well that was easy? tho this may look you're becoming the bad person in the story. How we wished that we could say these three-words easily to that person 
But then, The question is... "How did it happen that we despised someone all of a sudden?"

Here are some of the undeniable reasons why all of a sudden we came to hate that person:

According to million study...

Most of us already experience this kind of phenomena in our character, which results to misunderstanding and failure to teamwork. 
The fact that physical appearance and first impression matters.


Personality clashes occur when two (or more) people find themselves in conflict not over a particular issue or incident, but due to a fundamental incompatibility in their personalities, their approaches to things, their style of life.
A personality clash may occur in work-related, family-related, or social situations.

Everyone feels insecure from time to time, perhaps particularly in certain situations. You may feel that you’re not as attractive, intelligent, or well-situated in life as you could be. Comparing yourself to the people around you can make you feel even worse.
-Psychology Today


We occasionally become friends with someone whom we like at first, but soon start to become annoying. You don't want to hurt their feelings, but you don't want to hang around them for too much longer,

By saying nothing, you will get more of the same, so you'll end up suffering in silence. Instead, draw a line and make it clear you aren't going to partake in things that annoy you, behave in a way you find immature or listen to stories that bug you, etc.


Do you seek perfection? Does everything you do need to be flawless—without possible failure? If so, your pursuit of perfection might be holding you back.
Perfectionism means setting our goals too high and having unrealistic expectations. Being allergic to failure is often driven by an underlying sense of shame. If we can achieve some lofty goal and be perfectly successful, then no one can shame us.

The biggest disappointments in our lives are often the result of misplaced expectations.  This is especially true when it comes to our relationships and interactions with others.Tempering your expectations of other people will greatly reduce unnecessary frustration and suffering, in both your life and theirs, and help you refocus on the things that truly matter.


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