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Today, August 30, 2017

I'll be sharing with you how it all started : It's been 6 months since then... 

My OFW story began exactly February 2, 2017 when I have to leave Manila at 1 pm and arrived at Dubai International Airport after 9 hours then a connecting flight to King Fahd International Airport after almost 2 hours...Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!!!

But on this blog, I'll be sharing with you throwback to my experience in applying a job abroad. ;

What are the preparations I have to do? 
What are the most common things to remember before applying a job abroad?
What are some misconceptions and what to expect working abroad?


Update Everything!

It is very important that we renew/update our passport given that there are things we might not expecting to come  like travels, job opportunities, invitations,seminars or workshops abroad,etc.
You will need to apply for NBI Clearance which allows you to travel or work outside the country.  
Manage to check/update your Government i.d's and contributions. 
Have your Degree Certificate with Red Ribbon, usually it takes 3 months after application.

Look for a POEA Accredited Agencies
What happened to me is that I didn't ask anyone for a referral instead I look for job postings abroad, I'm very familiar with ( luckily my agency just recently posted that they will be needing 5 male librarians to be assigned in an International School in KSA.


This is a very important factor for someone who really wanted to reach their dreams.

 "Decide now or never".

 I keep telling to myself that I really wanted to earn a lot and save for the future before I turn 25.
In the Philippines, librarians do not earn much just like other professions if you work in a simple institution. Also the tax is quite unreasonable.  I decided to work outside the country so I can earn much and reach my target. 

Prepare your Savings : Money is the Key

I never thought applying for a job abroad is an expensive thing!
Here's the list that I remember paying to get me to Saudi Arabia. 

Red Ribbon and other School fees. : cost me less than 1,000 Php
Government Contributions : PAG-IBIG 100 Php,  PHILHEALTH 2400 Php SSS: 0 Php
Medical Fee: 1500 Php
OWWA and POEA Seminar/ PDOS : less than 500 Php
Placement fee for skilled workers: depends on how much your monthly salary cost. (one-time only)
Transportation:  From Quezon City To Gil Puyat / Malate Manila. NOTE:  Every time you have an appointment schedule you have to be on time or ahead of time. Avoid being late or you will have to wait!
Be Patient : Good things come to those wait
My application lasted for almost 4 months. I submitted my CV thru an online job post right after I received the lowest pay I had which made me decide to leave my job/.  I submitted my resignation and also manage to complete my clearance because I wanted everything to be okay especially with my boss in my previous work. 

Take note: 
Do not pressure the recruitment or your agency, because they don't fully take control of what's going to happen all through out your application, most decisions are given by the principal employer who will hire you abroad. 

Along the way, I met people who became part of my journey in this kind of employment. "Respect Others If You Want To Be Respected" because as much as we wanted to take control of the things around us,sometimes it would be better if you just go with the flow and follow the given instructions by your employer. Your employer is your friend , do not argue with them but free to ask questions and raise your curiosity if you think something's not right. 

Prepare yourself working abroad : 

OFW starter pack

Working abroad takes a lot of sacrifice, a strong heart and mind which also requires a healthy body.

By the time  you have been alerted by your employer or you have been advised that your flight will be soon, this is the moment you have to enjoy and maximize the time you have left.

Here are the things I wish you to do before your flight:

1. Check your flight schedule (your employer will give a copy of your electronic plane ticket a week before your flight. Keep your plane ticket and passport in one place. Your employer will also give you an orientation the things to do in the immigration also things that an OFW needs to accomplished in the Airport from your departure and to your arrival outside the country)

2. Always update your family members ( At first I'm hesitant to tell my parents that I was accepted to work in KSA but I realized they should be the first one to know what my plans are especially to my career, since then I allowed them to know everything about my goals in life.

3. Secure your Baggage Before I locked up my baggage , I made it a point to check the things I needed at work also my food supply for a week and my toiletries. It's very helpful to read factual information and avoid  joining negative forums about working abroad. If you can bring pocket money amounting 10,000 Php or more that's great!

4. Clarify things to your Employer. 

Here's some of the of things you can ask to your employer:
Food allowance? are they going to provide any allowance for your first month once you get there?
Who are my contacts upon arriving to the country?
Refresh them the important things to bring in hand?

5. Eat together with your Family Enjoy some time left with them, always treasure their presence and do not forget to to have their contacts with you. 

6. Ask blessing to your Journey . Pray

I'll be adding facts and throwback information about my experience working here abroad to some other blogs that I will publish here on my page. 

Thank you for your time.

If you have questions, please email me. I'll be more than happy to entertain some.

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