Saturday, August 26, 2017

Almost Everyday Blog : Happy Birthday to Me! , AUGUST THREE

Hello everyone,
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August 3, 1993 which happened to be the day a future librarian was born. 

Back in the Philippines, I already asked mom that I will buy something in the market so I can somehow celebrate my birthday back here in Saudi Arabia. The truth is I almost spend my whole savings back in the Philippines going somewhere, and having fun with the fam ofcourse. 
I think that's how an ordinary OFW life is like that whenever you go back in the Philippines , everything gets to assume you're rich. Tho you're happy  spending it all to your family and friends. 

"You can't buy happiness" that's what they always say! which is true!

I recently turned 24. I celebrated it with my colleagues. Actually Mark and I share the same room. which is big enough for 3 persons  We also have Filipino friends living just beside our unit.
 I'm the one who always prepare the food because I love to cook even in regular days. I learned from my mom and dad. My papa is Ilocano and mama is from Bulacan (which are provinces in the Philippines). I don't wanna brag but I can cook any kind of Pinoy meals from veggies to red meats. I always dream of having a restaurant or a coffee shop someday. INSHALA.. (it's an Arabic word which means in God's Time)

How to cook sweet style Sweet Style Pinoy Spaghetti (Jollibee)
If you were about to cook for a 3-4 person spag, Here's my recipe:

Cooking the Sauce
1 red onion
1 bulb of garlic (I love garlic, it's the secret of most recipes I've done)
1 Bigger size Purefoods CornedBeef (btw Pork is not allowed in most Middle East countries)
1 pack of Cheese (use the quick melt cheese)
1 tbsp of grind black peper
2 large size Del Monte Spaghetti (Sweet Pinoy style sauce)
2 tbsp Patis (Fish Sauce
Note: Do not put water

Saute and Mix the Ingredients

Cooking the Pasta
2 tbsp of oil
1  salt

Serve it Hot!


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