Saturday, August 26, 2017

Almost Everyday Blog : Back to Werk Werk Werk , AUGUST TWO

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Today Aug. 2, 2017
It's been a week since I left Manila. 
I had to get back in the Kingdom early , not after Aug. 2 according to my vacation contract or else I have to pay them (the school) in return,. which is not bad. I enjoyed almost a month vacation , I went to Baguio, Calatagan, Tagaytay , Bulacan and ofcourse nothing  beats home in Quezon City. If I have time to post it all here on the blog , I'll.

Actually I don't know what's going to happen when I start going back to work again, but ofcourse I have to prepare myself , I also miss the School and my colleagues , but I don't miss work.

They said we have to be there by 9am until 1pm. 

Talk to you Laturs,.

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