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Friday, June 14, 2019

Benefits of Joining the Philippine Librarians Association Inc.

The Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. (formerly known as the Philippine Library Association) is the only nationally accredited professional organization of librarians in the Philippines to date. At present, it serves as the umbrella organization for all library groups in the country.
Individual Benefits
Aside from following the provision of the law governing the profession of librarianship (RA 9246, Article IV, Sec. 30), a member gets the following benefits which he/she does not get from joining other library associations:
For Individual Members
  • get the prestige of belonging to a national accredited professional organization;
  • have something to show accrediting agencies and/or government agencies (i.e., CHED, PRC) that are inspecting libraries;
  • get an official certification when attending international conferences (especially when asking for a grant or discounted registration fee);
  • pay reduced registration rate to PLAI-sponsored continuing professional development activities;
  • get a copy of PLAI online newsletter;
  • get discounts from several bookstores/book dealers;
  • linkages and networks (both local and international);
  • possibility of being considered for prestigious awards (e.g., Severino Velasco Award)

Registration Fee: 300 per Annual

NBS Opens A College Program That Provides More Than 20 Opportunities - Just In Quezon City!

Bachelor of Library and Information Science offers many job opportunities and at the top of that , graduates of this program have been showing remarkable performance throughout their chosen workplace.

Listed below are Full Time jobs that you might be interested to apply after finishing the program:

Library Management Jobs
Library Staff
Library Section Head
Library  Floor Supervisor
Chief Librarian

Library Director

-Do not/Do requires PRC Licensure Exam for Librarians
Welcomes beginner to average experience 

Customer Service Jobs

Contact Center/BPOs
Business Agent/Provider

-Good/High Level Communication Skills
with Pleasing Personality is a plus.


Library and Information Science Instructor
Primary/Secondary Education Teacher

-Highly motivated to Teach 
-Do requires PRC Licensure Exam for Librarians/LET
-minimum to average to expert experience  


Museum Archives
School Records and Archives
Private Company/Organization Record Keeper

-Talent in restoration and records-keeping
-Do not/Do requires PRC Licensure for Librarians/LET
-minimum to average to expert experience  

Private Companies 

Information Resource Specialist
Records Management Staff
Program and Events Specialist

-with good work ethics and hardworking
-Do NOT/ Do requires PRC Licensure for Librarians/LET
-minimum experience  

Government Employee 

Presidential Records Management
Departmental Librarian

Freelance Writer/Virtual Assistant
Research Assistant


-Do NOT/Do requires PRC Licensure for Librarians
LET/Civil Service
- Average to Expert experience  

Enroll in our Bachelor of Library and Information Science program and enjoy a tuition fee of just P14,500!

Terms and conditions apply. To learn more, send us a message or call 376 50 90 today. #NBSCollege

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